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When it comes to wisdom teeth, the sooner you get your wisdom teeth removed, the easier the procedure will be. When your wisdom teeth first start to grow in, the tooth roots are still small. As you continue to get older, the roots become longer and more difficult to remove.

why do i need to remove my wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth will typically start to grow in in between the age of 17 and 25. If you refrain from getting your wisdom teeth removed, you run the risk of damaging the surrounding teeth and bones. The amount of damage done depends on how the wisdom teeth grow in and if you have enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. Another reason you may want to get your wisdom teeth removed is because of the difficulty of cleaning. Since the tooth is at the back of your mouth, it may be difficult to properly clean it thus resulting in tooth decay.

our wisdom tooth removal process at chandler dentistry

Wisdom teeth removal surgery is the removal of the third set of molars and the procedure can take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. Before the wisdom teeth removal surgery can take place, your dentist will take x-rays too assess the position of the wisdom teeth and how many wisdom teeth you have in your mouth. Most people have anywhere between one and four wisdom teeth and some may not have any. You will be under anesthesia for the duration of the procedure either by nitrous oxide or IV sedation depending on the severity of the case and what you are comfortable with. Next, your dentist will cut into your gums and remove the wisdom teeth either in pieces or as a whole tooth. Stitches will be placed and you can begin recovering. Make sure to have a dedicated driver to take you home for you will still be under the influence of the anesthetic.

general tooth extractions

There are two types of removal procedures: simple and surgical. 

  1. The simple extraction procedure is the removal of a tooth that is visible. This could either consist of a decayed or damaged tooth, or a tooth needing extraction for braces. Simple tooth extractions can be completed by your dentist in around 30 minutes. Your dentist will apply a local anesthetic or use conscious sedation.
  2. A surgical tooth extraction is done by an oral surgeon and involves the removal of teeth that are not visible either because they have not come in yet or because part of the tooth is broken off. You will also receive general anesthesia during this procedure. 

why would i need to get a tooth extracted?

Even though we will do everything possible to save your teeth, extracting teeth may sometimes be necessary to maintain superior oral health. There are a few reasons as to why you would need to get teeth extracted such as wisdom teeth pain or tooth decay. Other cases might require teeth removal to make space in your mouth for braces or prosthetics.

Post-Extraction Care

After the procedure, in order for your recovery process to be as painless as possible, stick to consuming soft foods until the anesthesia wears off and for the first few days after. For the first couple of days, do not brush the area surrounding the extracted tooth but do brush the rest of your teeth. After the second day, you may resume your normal oral health routine. Your jaw may be sore for a couple of days and your chin and lips may be numb for several hours.

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