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VIP Discount Plan

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Don't Have Dental Insurance? No Problem.

The VIP Discount Plan At Chandler Dentistry

One of the unique benefits of visiting Chandler Dentistry is that we offer our very own VIP Payment Plan!  This plan is a fixed monthly rate that allows you to get discounts on all of your dental procedures by simply paying a monthly fee. It's not dental insurance, it's better!

Dentistry shouldn't break the bank! Our team prides itself on providing affordable dental care for everyone and that starts with our VIP Dental Discount Plan!

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The Best Dental Plan In Chandler, AZ

Benefits of The vIP Discount Plan

Are you someone who doesn't have dental insurance but you want an affordable option to reduce the cost of your dental procedures for you and your family? The VIP Discount Plan is a great option for you! With our plan we made it simple, you can save up to 50% on almost all general and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Save Money - There is no better way to reduce costs of dental procedures, our plan can be as low as $5 a month for a qualified one person plan.

Includes Dental Emergencies - This plan not only includes normal procedures but can save you hundreds on unforeseen dental emergencies.

Family Plans - The VIP Discount Plan is made to be tailored to your needs, whether you are a family of four or a bachelor, there is a plan for you!

VIP Discount Plan

What Makes Our Plan Different

What makes the VIP Discount Plan the best deal in dentistry is simple, we aren't dental insurance, we are simply a payment plan. That means that we can prioritize your health and your wallet!

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No Claims, No Hassles, Just Discounts

Better Than Dental Insurance

No Limits, Maximums or Excluded Treatments - The VIP Discount Plan will never implement any type of limit or maximum and there aren't any treatments that are excluded!

No Waiting Period - There is never a waiting period when you require a service because we don't have to wait for approval.

No Claims - The VIP Discount Plan is not dental insurance so you never have to deal with claims, paperwork or the endless hassle.

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