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We have quality care for the entire family here at Chandler Dentistry. From grandparents to grandchildren we have you covered. Come discover why so many people trust us with their whole family's dental care.

Your child's first appointment

Even if your infant isn’t teething yet, it’s important to bring them to our practice for a checkup soon after their first birthday. If teeth are already poking through the gums, schedule an appointment immediately. A cavity can start forming as soon as a tooth emerges, and we want to stop that from happening. We will make them feel comfortable during this visit. Our goal is to prevent cavities.

athletic Mouth guards

A mouth guard is an inexpensive way to protect children's smiles. If your child participates in sports like football or hockey, they should get one for this purpose. A mouth guard made from a hard plastic tray that fits over the teeth offers them significantly greater protection than some other options such as "boil-and-bite" guards or even simple pieces of athletic tape. A mouth guard's primary purpose is to protect your smile during high impact activities.

dental sealants and protective coatings

Also known as “nature’s cavity fighter,” fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, reducing the risk of cavities. Many people get plenty of fluoride through their oral care products and drinking water, but some younger patients could benefit from an extra application. We can quickly and painlessly paint a topical silver diamine fluoride gel onto your child’s teeth during their checkup. It should keep their teeth strong and cavity-free until their next visit!

A child's back teeth, or molars, are another place for food particles to get stuck. When they do, cavity-causing bacteria can grow on the surface of the tooth. Not only is cleaning this area difficult for people under the age of ten, it is also an area where dental sealants can be used to keep the bacteria off and improve overall health. A thin layer of white composite resin can be applied in one visit to this area, sealing off each groove for cavity prevention.

special needs dentistry

We are not just a dental office for kids in Chandler, AZ. We are your child’s dental office in Chandler, AZ. Our special team is dedicated to serving all types of patients, including those with special needs. If your child has physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from regularly attending routine care appointments, it is important that they find a dentist who can help them. We care deeply about serving everyone in our community.

non-nutritive habits

Have you noticed your child sucking his thumb? Although this is completely normal during their toddler years, persistent thumb-sucking past the age of four can damage not only their teeth but also the development of their entire bite. Fortunately for your child, our team will help him put a stop to this before it negatively impacts his smile in the future.

Pulp therapy

When young teeth suffer damage, they’re more vulnerable to bacteria that can cause infections. Dr. Bullock can stop the infection and prevent permanent damage — all while keeping your child comfortable. Whether it’s a baby tooth or a permanent one, it is important to make sure that they are squared away to prevent any unnecessary damage. When a tooth experiences severe damage, there’s an increased vulnerability to bacteria that can lead to an infection.

dentistry that's here for you

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