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Since graduating dental school in 2017, Dr. Bullock has delivered top-quality dental care to patients in need and is a problem solver who works closely with each person who visits his office for treatment. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who cares more deeply about his patients and their dental care than Dr. Bullock. He works tirelessly with his staff, local dental labs, and community to ensure that he provides the best dental care possible. You can trust when you visit Dr. Bullock; you're in great hands.

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Dr. Bullock's love for dentistry started at a young age, as he's always had a passion for helping others. One summer as a teenager, Dr. Bullock took a job at a local dentist's office in his hometown of Fillmore, Utah. He would take every opportunity to help out in his lab, by his chair, and in the office. While he loved the work itself, Dr. Bullock fell in love with the consistent interaction that comes with being a general dentist. He appreciated that his mentor knew everyone's names and had a deep connection with their lives. He found that there was a mutual trust between the dentist and his patients. After that summer, he knew that he would attend dental school and open a practice of his own as soon as he could.

Dr. Bullock's experience as a dental assistant in his teenage years set him on a path of a lifetime of learning. He first went to college in St. George, Utah, to get his undergraduate degree. Outside of the classroom, he worked as a dental lab technician learning the other side of dentistry. Upon graduation, he decided to move to Portland, Maine and studied at the University of New England College of Dental Medicine. While in dental school, he spent his spare time working at a local homeless clinic providing dental care to those in need.

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Outside of the dental office, Dr. Bullock is a proud family man and is happily married with two sons, ages four and one. Dr. Bullock recently celebrated ten years together with his wonderful wife, Brittney. Together they enjoy being outdoors and active with their two dogs, a Schnoodle and a Wheaten. They are both HUGE Boston Red Sox fans and enjoy all sports, especially baseball. Dr. Bullock has recently taken up golfing, so any tips on lowering his score on the links are always welcomed!

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