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Are you missing teeth and are tired of wondering what life would be like if you could regain the functionality of your teeth again? Dentures are a perfect solution for those who are on a limited budget and want to replace missing teeth.

what is a denture?

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Typically, only very extreme dental cases require full dentures such as when most or all of your teeth are missing or if you do not have enough bone structure to place implants. In other cases, if you are only missing a few teeth, you can get partial dentures. Regardless the type of dentures you get, they are made to resemble your natural gum line and natural teeth. Losing all or most of your teeth can result in sagging facial muscles. Dentures will help fill out your profile and face while giving you a second chance to improve the look of your smile.

our denture process at chandler dentistry

The process of making dentures is quite extensive and very delicate. Suction of the denture with the gums is the main principle of stability. The roof of your mouth will be covered by the palate portion of the dentures while the part of the dentures shaped like a horseshoe will accommodate your new teeth. 

The process of getting dentures will span through four appointments. During your first appointment, your dentist will take impressions of your gums and send them to the lab. The second appointment will consist of taking a record of your bite. The next appointment will be made to try on dentures made of soft wax and artificial teeth to see how the final dentures will fit in your mouth. You will then get your final dentures during the last appointment.

denture care post-treatment

Sleeping with dentures for a few days after you first receive them will help you get used to the feeling of having them in your mouth. This period of time is also important to make sure the dentures are not hurting your gums. Because you can remove the dentures, it is important to take proper care of them.

This includes using a specific brush and cleaning solution so you do not harm the dentures. If you choose not to sleep with you dentures in your mouth at night, make sure to soak them in solution. In order to prevent gum disease, brushing your gums at least twice a days is vital.

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