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Patient Amenities

Fear and anxiety make it difficult for many to keep up with their oral care. This is a massive problem, and it makes it even harder for people to attend important dental appointments and for professionals to provide treatment.

We aim to change that at Chandler Dentistry. Because of our years of experience, we go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable in the office—that means no fear or anxiety on your end and none from us either! No matter your age or previous dental experiences we aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everybody. We offer blankets, beverages and ensure that you have time to be comfortable during every appointment. In addition to the amenities we also are well-trained in administering sedation dentistry.

a technological marvel

cerec same-day crowns

Our same day crowns are unlike anything you’ve ever seen – they’re made using advanced CAD/CAM technology!

This means that, for the first time ever, you won’t need to endure the traditional 2-part process of filling (mainly waiting), and so we can have your beautiful crown ready in just one visit.

With Dr. Dorris' background in engineering he jumped at the opportunity to merge his background with the artistic component of dentistry, creating beautiful, perfectly fitting crowns in a single day.

CEREC machine creating a new same-day crown at Chandler Dentistry
3D CT Scan Machine at Chandler Dentistry

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3D CT Scan

At times, our dentists need to learn more about your unique oral structures before completing certain treatments. That’s where the 3D CT Scan comes in! This device captures a 3D image of your mouth in just a few minutes to pinpoint sensitive areas of your mouth (i.e., your bone and soft tissue). At times, our dentists need to learn more about your unique oral structures before completing certain treatments.

Dentist Reviewing X-Rays

less radiation, all of the data

Digital X-Rays

Putting the traditional, harmful X-ray in the past, Dentiray and Dexis digital scanners reduce exposure to radiation by up to 80 percent. These scanners are painless, quick, and easy to use — and they capture highly detailed images with incredible efficiency. X-rays are a thing of the past.

Dentiray and Dexis digital X-ray scanners cut back on radiation exposure up to 80%. The scanners are also quick and painless to use.

comfortable impressions

Digital Scanning

Digital technology enables communication between the dentist and lab technician, increasing efficiency. Digital impressions are more comfortable for patients, faster, and lead to even higher rates of accuracy than traditional impressions.

These improvements lead to restorations that are installed with ease and expertise. Not only do you get a more accurate and comfortable experience but we are able to instantly send your impressions to our trusted dental lab for an even quicker turn-around time for your dental cases.

Digital Impression being taken at Chandler Dentistry

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