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Though your teeth are one of the strongest substances in the human body, excessive wear and tear could lead to chips. Chipped teeth usually occur in the front of the teeth and the aesthetics tend to be a patient’s main concern. The now jagged and rough surface could also lead to weakened functionality. The chip itself should be painless unless the chip reaches deeper and exposes nerves.

what causes a Chipped tooth?

There are many causes for chipped teeth. If you bite down on hard food such as candy or ice, you could chip your tooth. Falling down, playing contact sports and grinding your teeth while you sleep could all also lead to chipped teeth. Other risk factors include: tooth decay and cavities that have worn down your enamel over time, acid reflux that could also damage the tooth’s enamel, and excessive consumption of sugary treats that produce bacteria that attacks the enamel.

Our Chipped Tooth Repair Process at chandler dentistry

Repairs for a chipped tooth can typically be done during a single appointment and is a relatively easy process. For a minor chip, your dentist will clean the site then use a bonding material to fill the area and restore the tooth. The bonding agent will match the color of your natural teeth and appear seamless. Though your tooth may function like the rest of your teeth, caution is advised when chewing hard foods because the manmade bonding material will never be as strong as your natural teeth. 

If the severity of the chip is extreme, a root canal may need to be performed to remove the damaged nerve. The strength of the newly bonded tooth will come down to the position of the chip on your tooth and the extent of damage that was done. 

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