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What To Expect From Dental Impressions

February 2, 2021
What To Expect From Dental Impressions

Dental Impressions in Chandler, AZ

Learn all about what dental impressions are, the materials used and other options in this comprehensive guide from Chandler Dentistry!

What Are Dental Impressions?

Impressions are a familiar preliminary step to the development of numerous products and services. For dentists and orthodontists, they are a necessary way to ensure a perfect result when providing their patients with the final product.

Dental impressions are often seen as an inconvenience for patients but are instrumental in our process as dental professionals. Impression technique is important for both patient comfort and the final result, and Dr. Evers and our Chandler Dentistry team are experts at getting it right the first time.

Why Are Dental Impressions Taken?

During a dental visit, Dr. Evers and our team at Chandler Dentistry will use an impression of your teeth to create the perfect crown or bridge. The impression is taken so that when we introduce a restoration into your mouth we know that the repair will fit correctly and doesn't irritate your sensitive soft tissue.

Making restorations that fit perfectly in your mouth always begins with a great impression, no matter the method. The dental lab will take the exact impression that your dentist takes to create your restoration whether it be a crown or another type of dental restorations. That’s why it’s important to get a perfect impression of the prepped tooth.

Traditional Dental Impressions

Impression Trays

These are what hold the material when inserted in your mouth. Impression trays can cause some discomfort when they reach the back of your teeth. They can often trigger the gag reflex and cause some patients to be uncomfortable. For situations like these, we recommend choosing digital scans instead!

Impression Material

When we take an impression of your teeth only the best material must be used to ensure that we are making an impression that will last and make it to the dental lab safe and sound. The majority of dental impressions are taken using Alginates which are made from the cell walls of brown algae. They are non-toxic, set quickly, and their flexibility and hardening capability make them an excellent choice for taking impressions dental chandler.

Can Dental Impressions Pull Teeth Out?

While it is technically possible if a tooth is extremely loose, to the point that it is hanging on by a thread, that a tooth could be pulled out during an impression. The chances of a dental impression pulling a tooth out are slim to none. If the removal of dental impressions makes you nervous we can take precautions such as rubbing vaseline to your teeth to ensure easy removal.

Patient getting their teeth scanned
Patient getting their teeth scanned

Digital Dental Impressions With Digital Scanning

The Dental Impression Alternative

Intraoral scanner technology is progressing to the point that dental impressions with scanners will become easier, cheaper, and more convenient than traditional technology. Intraoral scanners simply are guided along the surface of your teeth and make a perfect 3D scan of each of your teeth.

Dr. Evers will then align the images in order to properly align your bite in the 3D software. After that, we can instantly send your impressions to the lab. This eliminates the handling and transfer of physical impressions and our labs can get to work on your restorations.

Alternatively, digital scans are used to develop Same-Day Crowns that we specialize in at Chandler Dentistry. You can get your brand-new crown in one visit! Our intraoral scanner sends the data to our CEREC machine which machines the perfect crown for your bite.  

Which type of impression should I get?

While we love tried and true methods such as traditional dental impressions, digital scans are getting so advanced that it’s hard to argue against them. They are more comfortable for the patient, allows quick visualization of your bite, and allows us to instantly get to work on your permanent dental restorations, something that a traditional impression can’t offer.

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