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Post Treatment Care For Wisdom Teeth

August 31, 2021
Post Treatment Care For Wisdom Teeth

What to Expect Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In general, your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come out in your mouth, they commonly emerge around the age of 17 to 21. Your wisdom teeth may erupt fully, partially or stay buried under your gum. In some instances, due to the lack of oral hygiene at the back of your mouth, they may develop decay. At Chandler Dentistry, we will examine your wisdom teeth and see if they need to be removed based on a number of factors.

Immediately following your surgery, your mouth would still feel some degree of numbness. Mild pain is expected and it is managed by over the counter painkillers, while blood-stained saliva can also be present following your surgery but it is nothing to worry about.
Most patients fully recover from simple wisdom tooth extraction within three to four days, while if the surgery was more complicated, a full recovery should be expected in a week or so. Our expert doctors and team will schedule you for a follow-up appointment to assess the health of the wound and remove any remaining stitches.

Aftercare/Home Instruction

These instructions would be given to you by your operating dentists; you need to follow these tips to avoid developing any dental emergencies.
Bite on gauze for 30 to 40 minutes. No smoking for at least the following 24 hours after your surgery. Follow a soft food diet for the next couple of days, and avoid hot drinks and food. Do not disrupt the extraction site with your tongue or by inserting any instrument. Avoid vigorously mouth rinsing and using a straw to drink as it will create negative pressure inside your mouth.

Dental Emergencies/Complications That Might Develop Following Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dry socket:

A blood clot that fills the tooth’s socket is essential for the healing process to begin. If for any reason, it gets dislodged, bacteria and food debris would accumulate and severe pain and bad odor from the wound would be noticed. You must visit your dentist so they can clean and disinfect the socket.


The main symptoms are high temperature, persistent pain and swelling, and a yellow or white discharge from the extraction site. This is considered a dental emergency and should be treated as soon as possible so we could prevent it from progressing and spreading throughout your tissue.

Non-stop bleeding:

Blood-stained saliva or a small amount of bleeding is to be expected, but if there is excessive bleeding that cannot be controlled, you would need to place gauze and bite on it for 30 minutes, and repeat if necessary, while sitting upright and avoiding any exercises might help as well. If the bleeding does not stop, please call our office for further instructions.

Persistent numbness:

Nerve damage can occur while performing surgical extraction, although it is usually temporary, we would ask you to keep regular follow-up with us to make sure it is just a transit side effect.

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