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The Most Common Dental Emergencies & How To Handle Them

May 28, 2021
The Most Common Dental Emergencies & How To Handle Them

Handling Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are series of issues that need immediate attention; they present potentially dangerous situations to your oral health. If ignored; they would require a more invasive and expensive treatment later on. But the question that often gets asked is “how can we identify a dental emergency?” In the following article, we will lay out the most common dental emergencies that require an urgent dental visit. 

Common Dental Emergencies:

1. Broken or chipped tooth

This can happen due to a variety of reasons, most commonly is biting on an unusual hard subject that causes a part of the tooth to chip or break off. Also, people who usually clench their teeth are more susceptible for this to happen to them.

The first thing you need to do is collect the broken part of your tooth in a glass of milk or water, then visit your nearest dentist for them to try to glue it back to its place. 

2. Unbearable tooth pain

Often related to dental decay, if the pain becomes worse with time, tenser, and comes on spontaneously, then this indicates nerve infection and an emergency dental visit is a must. In the meanwhile, to tolerate the pain, a cold compress and the usage of over-the-counter pain killers could help.

3. Knocked-out tooth (avulsed)

Having an avulsed tooth due to facial trauma can be scary for many, but knowing how to appropriately manage it would help you preserve your tooth. Firstly, try to locate your tooth and rinse off any debris with water. Secondly, try to insert it back to its place and gently bite on it, if this is impossible, put your tooth in a glass of milk or water. Finally, visit your dentist immediately to help preserve your tooth, as teeth being saved within one hour have a greater survival rate. 

4. Falling crowns

This is a common issue, if, for any reason your crown gets dislodges, you need to retrieve it and keep it in a safe place then book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist would either decide to glue it back to its place or suggest making you a new one at the dental office. You should not neglect this, as your bare tooth would only get more weekend and sensitive with time. 

5. Soft tissue infection

The infection can start at the nerve of the tooth or the spaces between the teeth. This is considered a series problem and potentially life- treating. If it is left untreated, the infection can damage the adjacent soft tissue and quickly spread to other parts of the body, thus visiting a dental office instantly is mandatory. In the meanwhile, you can repeatedly rinse your mouth with warm salty water.

The Takeaway 

Knowing the right steps on how to properly handle a dental emergency can save your mouth from further damage. At the same time, practicing good oral hygiene, avoiding harmful oral habits, and trying not to engage in dangerous sports such as wrestling can all reduce your risk of having a dental emergency. 

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